Allison Goodwin, Author


Allison Goodwin is the author of the upcoming novel Roadworn, as well as an award-winning (former) youth journalist, sometimes Instagram travel blogger, and content marketing expert. She has two decades of writing experience, spanning children's stories, scientific research papers, human interest stories, and fiction. Her peer counseling training course is currently in use as the primary curriculum of organizations across Ventura County. She also is the only journalist with The Country Journal who had to turn down a job offer due to not being old enough to drive.

Allison lives just outside of Los Angeles with her partner, author Jonathan Strauss, and their spoiled cat. She's an avid gardener, an occasional marksman, and collector of How-To books. She has since gotten her driver's license.




Sgt. Charlie Bennett never wanted any of this.

When a virus sweeps the country, Charlie finds himself short on time and short on options. His only living family is 2,000 miles away, between them a minefield of infection, starvation, and danger. Along the way, he finds allies in the unlikeliest of places—and comes face to face with an old enemy.

Haunted by his past, driven forward by the present, all he can do is hope for a better future. The question is—will he make it?