Zombies Run! Getting Fit for the Apocalypse


So, I hate to run. I am a full-time desk creature and I hate exercise. But I'm also getting to be a very round desk creature, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I dragged Jon on a run with me this evening, using the Zombies, Run! app to track my course (and give me some much-needed motivation!).

So far, I like it. It connects with my Spotify so I can listen to the Fallout 4 soundtrack while I run away from zombies. I like that I can turn off the zombie chases (because I am lazy) but also have the option. Gamifying exercise is the only way to get me to do it, and Zombies, Run! first the bill!


Wanna give it a go? Join me on ZombieLink, and search for allisongoodwin to see my runs. Zombies, Run is available for free on the App Store and Google Play store, for free. You can subscribe to access more features and missions.

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