Rebranding? Perhaps!

Hey there! If you’ve been sticking around for all my delightfully post-apocalyptic content, you may have noticed a bit of a shift in my site. I’ve recently expanded my site to serve as my home base for Allison Goodwin Creative Services, my freelance writing and editing services.

In the future, I’ll still be posting some personal things and event posts filed under My Post-Apocalyptic Life. You’ll probably see some of my creative writing under My Fiction, such as Short Fic Sundays, which is coming back this month. I may even post a tutorial or two under Survival Bootcamp.

You’ll also probably see posts about developing your site’s search engine optimization and how to handle the challenges of the freelance life, as well as reposts of blogs I’ve submitted to other sites. If you’re interested in my work, feel free to leave me a comment or contact me! I’d love to chat about it.

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