Known for her post-apocalyptic fiction, Allison Goodwin blends road stories with a touch of Southwestern Gothic and gritty survivalism. Look for her upcoming novel Roadworn.

Cover art for the novel Roadworn.

He certainly didn't figure on coming this way.

For Sergeant Charlie Bennett, his final months of service couldn't come soon enough. Civilian life was something he both anticipated and feared. Now, he'll never get to experience it. There are rumors that the virus came to Los Angeles from China, crossing the Pacific on one of the many cargo ships that flocked to the port. Wherever it came from, there was no stopping the spread of the disease as it ripped through the population like wildfire.

Charlie Bennett has lost nearly everything, except the hope that maybe, just maybe, his youngest sister is still alive. Finding her becomes the only thing that matters, but he'll need to face a long road ahead—one that's littered with those infected by the virus. As far as he's concerned, it's just par for the course.

He doesn't know what he'll find when he finally gets to his sister's last known location, but he's coming. Along the way, he makes some unlikely allies, including one very old enemy. When home is gone, the only way left is forward.

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